Frequently asked Questions

What’s this?

The Sunkat Hub

 – Mistresses, if you are a user of any one of our website services, this automatically makes you a user of the shiny new Sunkat Hub. Being a hub user means you will have your own unique information page which will provide you with all the tools needed to view, access and manage your account(s).

The Welcome page

 – Logging in and going to this page enables you to see all the recent activity on your account/s at a glance. It will notify you of any interaction with other people on the sites, such as messages, friend requests, etc.

If you have a Clipsfatale account this page will show details of all sales and income. If you have an Original Kink website, you can view all income generated via the site including tributes, deposits and memberships, both new and monthly subscription renewals. If you have been using our new camming platform (more about that later!), it will show income you've generated there too.

Explaining the Buttons

- My activity

This is a more detailed summary of activity rather than the snapshot shown on the dashboard home page.

- Friends and ignore list

This applies to the fabulous new sites Fet Focus and Femdom Camming. Setting up a friends list allows the people on it to be notified automatically about everything you do from when you upload a clip, to an event you’re organising, from your availability to session and filming opportunities.

- Notifications

From this page, you can choose how you would like to be notified about your accounts (for example when you receive a payment), but is also there as a promotional tool for you to use. There are 3 columns containing tick boxes which enable you to carefully select who gets informed of what, how they get informed and about which site.

The 3 columns are as follows:

Publish to my RSS feed

In essence, this is connected to our individual Twitter accounts, so anytime you update something Twitter will automatically tweet this out, as well as tagging you in.

It will also be possible to have this feed directly fed to your own Twitter account.

Notify friends

This will update your friends (anyone in your Friends' list)  when you do something, eg ,when you upload a clip to ClipsFatale

Send me an email

Will inform you of any responses or reaction to your activities on any site, eg, replies to a filming slaves advert

- My Details

Although this is not a prerequisite to simply be a user, we really do need your information if you want to sell any content on the clipsFatale website. If you already have a clipsFatale account however, you do not have complete this!

- My Websites

if you have an Original Kink website, you will be able to manage it from here. If you do not have a website and would like to see what’s on, offer click the New Site icon.

-Earnings Overview

This gives you a summary of total earnings over all sites and also what’s been earned from which site/service.

-Earnings Detail

This is a further breakdown of payments received

- Getting Paid!

If have not already, enter here how you wish to be paid

- Purchases

If you have made any purchases from any of the Sunkat sites, eg, bought a click from clipsFatale, these will appear here

- Balance & Top up

This is mainly for webcam viewers but can be used for any purchases across the sites and takes the form of a secure online wallet

- Account

This is where you can change your password

Additional Services

  Fet Focus

This is a new fetish/kinky social network, developed along the lines of a very popular network which was around a few years ago.

We have developed Fet Focus as a kink specific place where the like-minded can read, contribute and comment on anything they choose via discussion boards, can use the personal ads (maybe to advertise positions vacant),  browse profiles and conversation threads as well as check out and even add to the Events' Calendar.

The site allows you to make contact with others quickly and effectively via a particular search criteria or just by browsing.

Each user sets up their own profile, along with a small gallery if desired, then hey presto, get chatting! Chatrooms have been around a long time and although many people use DMs and Whatapp etc, chatrooms have the great advantage of allowing people to join discussions without necessarily having to be part of a particular group beforehand.

Going forward, we are happy to set up different chatroom, so all suggestions are welcome! For now though, we’ve set up three; General Chat, Subspace Chat and Sissy Chat.

  Filming Slaves

Filming slaves is a meeting place for filmmakers and Filming slaves. If you are advertising for filming slaves, this ad will show up on all your profiles across the Sunkat sites.

Your adverts can be tweaked as required and all updates will be auto-tweeted, complete with your Twitter tag. Now that everything is being run through the Sunkat Hub, this process will be simpler than ever.

Mistress Directory

Our Mistress Directory is currently for UK based Dommes only (although international will follow soon) and is totally free to use.

As you’d expect, Mistresses create their own profile and a gallery of images, if they wish. Each time a profile is updated, the site will send out an automated Tweet, which also tags you in it.

Additional features of the Directory include the ability to link to Twitter,  your website, Fetlife, clipsFatale, or any other Sunkat services you use.